Crown for Franciacorta Rosé Demi Sec assigned from  ViniBuoni d’Italia guide

A crown the perfect prize for our Franciacorta Rosé Demi Sec!
A symbol that immediately recalls femininity for a mellow, enchanting and exciting wine as only women can be …
Tasted by the commissions of the 21 Regional Coordinators of the “ViniBuoni d’Italia”guide, gathered at Villa di Toppo Florio in Buttrio, to give the highest recognition to the wines of excellence. Every year the success of the event “Oggi le corone le decido IO” increases and gives journalists, bloggers and winelovers, both Italian and foreign, the possibility to vote for the same wines analyzed by regional coordinators.

Here all the crown assigned

A very mellow wine,born as a style exercise and designed to be pleasant and different.
Made from mainly Pinot Noir grapes, with long permanence on skins enhancing the succulent colour,but also the fragrance and flavour typicalof small red undergrowth berries, well blended with the freshness and finesse of the Chardonnay which completes this wine. With lively and persistent sparkle, Rosé Demi Sec well accompanies cheeses,
desserts,and whynot, fruitat the endof the meal..

Here the data sheet of wine