Contemporary art museum in Franciacorta

La Montina and Villa Baiana do not only stand for fine wines, hospitality and top-level catering, they are also synonymous with refined culture and sincere passion for art.

The Estate houses the first Museum of Contemporary Art in Franciacorta, as well as a permanent exhibition of the works of the artist Remo Bianco (Milan, 1922 – 1988). His paintings, sculptures and works are arranged in different rooms from the winery to the Villa in order to represent all the periods and pictorial messages of the artist in a clear and exhaustive manner.

The museum cyclically hosts personal works of national and international contemporary artists, whose works are presented in the inimitable museum that winds through majestic rooms, cellars, barrels and bottles resting on lees.

Current exhibitions

A-Frique: Journey into uncontaminated freshness

The world of Malè encloses the universe of his Mozambique and not only, because in the poetic narration, which draws sap from the roots of its origins, are revealed interwoven between the plots of color, the universal human experiences, which retain the metaphorical sense of existence, of relationships, of references to traditions (which also emerge in the re-enactments of parties and music), respecting the other, in the element of water as a vital source, which contains the message of good omen for the prosperity of the village, embodied in the peculiar “men drop”.

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Past exhibitions

Brescianini from Rovato
Female Profiles

Ancestral Figures
A fantastic journey among masterpieces of Australian aboriginal art


Paolo Menon