Magnum Ac Milan anniversario 120 anni

La Montina: Franciacorta RossoNero anniversary

1899 – 2019

120 years of AC Milan

AC Milan: uncorked the first bottle
of Franciacorta RossoNero Anniversary

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Club’s foundation,
a limited edition of RossoNero sparkling wine
made in Franciacorta by La Montina

A limited edition of only 120 magnum bottles was made exclusively for AC Milan by La Montina; the winery in Monticelli Brusati (BS), partner of the Club for the fifth consecutive season.

To honor a history that intertwines the paths of so many players, coaches, presidents, professionals and fans, the Rossoneri Club has decided to toast with a special bottle, which contains only the best of Italian sparkling wine production.

In addition to the 1.5L Magnum bottle, La Montina has produced the classic 0.75L version for the 120th anniversary of AC Milan. Differentiating the two bottles are the type of Franciacorta and the packaging. For the Magnum we chose Franciacorta Brut (the union of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes, made more creamy by a slight residual sugar), while for the 0.75L version, Franciacorta Extra Brut, which is the most incisive and fresh version of the cellar’s range.

Both bottles are dressed in a suit suitable for the occasion, respectful of the most representative colors of the company: red, black and gold. To remember in the colors, as in the graphics of the Magnum package, the historical words of Hebert Kilpin, the founding father of the company: We’re going to be a team of devils. Our colours will be red like flames and black like our opponents’ fear!

The two new bottles are added to the Franciacorta RossoNeri collection which is among the most appreciated gift ideas by fans, and not only. The Franciacorta RossoNero Anniversario Magnum can be found, together with 0.75L bottles, in authorized retailers: