The family

The La Montina winery was founded in April 1987 by Vittorio, Gian Carlo and Alberto Bozza, three brothers who from an early age up to today have drawn their passion for the land and winemaking from the countryside and its traditions.

Their father Fioravante Antonio (called Fiore) always had hands dyed the typical shade of vintners and had always worked in vineyards and produced red wine. Their mother Vittoria Gaia (called Gina) ran her own Osteria in the heart of Monticelli Brusati, the hometown and birthplace of the entire family.

Today the values ​​of the Bozza family are protected by the grandchildren Michele and Daniele, who interpret them with new and technologically advanced concepts, respecting the territory and past generations; new wisdom for the twenty-first century to stay faithful to the commitment of a family tradition that is constantly renewed.

Vittorio Bozza


Gian Carlo Bozza

Chief executive officer

Alberto Bozza

Board member

Michele Bozza

Export & marketing manager

Daniele Bozza

Sales area manager