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La Montina

Our wine is obtained exclusively through refermentation in bottles and the separation of deposits through disgorging, complying with the conditions and requirements laid down by the product specifications for “Franciacorta” wines with a controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin (DOCG).

months minimum ageing on lees
years operating

Quor 2910

Quor is born, a new Franciacorta La Montina
a wine tought for 2910 days
“A tutto Quor” because it takes time and passion to make wine

The name is emblematic, evocative but at the same time immediate:
Quor is heart. It is written this way because it arises from a spelling mistake by grandfather Fiore, father of the three brothers Vittorio, Gian Carlo and Alberto Bozza, founders of La Montina.
Fiore writes in the last lines of the letter addressed to grandmother Gina: “I really want to hug you. You and our beloved children, you are always in my quor“.
From the discovery of these letters comes the desire to create a product that encompasses the same emotion of lovers, convinced winemakers, lovers of life and family.
2910 are the days that this wine has passed on the yeasts, under the watchful eye of the operators, in the twilight of the cellar.
Lilted and meticulous tastings have led to the final result, a Franciacorta Extra Brut of embracing structure and complexity.
A perfect gift idea for those seeking for an authentic thoughts to donate to those they have in their heart (Quor).
Quor 2910, produced in limited edition, will be available starting from December 2018.

La Montina celebrates its 30th anniversary

Expertly curated for over five years, Montecolo arises from the union of the best grapes of two different harvests: 2009 and 2010.

The first year was an excellent vintage throughout Franciacorta; the second was not as good, but it brought out the best of the poor soil and the hills, which is exactly where our Montecolo vineyards are located (facing Iseo Lake on the border of Franciacorta). The resulting Franciacorta is a product of excellence, with good structure; it is kept in 520 Magnum bottles that offer the wine an opportunity to best express its organoleptic qualities.

It has an intense and persistent froth with an ultra-subtle perlage and a yellow colour with slightly coppery reflections. Its aromas are strongly influenced by the passage in barriques: they are enveloping and elegant, reminiscent of honey, acacia and artemisia. Selezione Montecolo celebrates La Montina’s 30 years in business, bringing pure Franciacorta to the table. A flavour without compromises: round and full with a good mineral note.

Franciacorta La Montina Wines