The authoritative Austrian magazine tastes the wines of Franciacorta

La Montina Riserva Baiana 2008 Pas Dosé
won the second place overall, with 95 points.

 Falstaff Magazine is an Austrian magazine specializing in food, wine and travel.
First published more than 30 years ago, it remains Austria’s most widely read lifestyle publication, with a circulation of more than 140,000. The magazine’s success has led to the creation of multiple publications under the Falstaff name, notably the annually published ‘Falstaff Weinguide‘, which has become a recognized authority on Austrian wine since its first edition in 1998.

A prestigious parterre of Falstaff tasters tried some wines from different wineries of Franciacorta.
The results were very good for the entire sector, confirming the fact that even outside the Peninsula the quality of the wines produced in Franciacorta is recognized and appreciated.

Specifically, the best positioning for La Montina was that of the Riserva Baiana 2008 Pas Dosè, the second favorite wine among all those tasted, which was awarded 95 points.

Franciacorta Brut is also a short distance away, fifth with 93 points.

Franciacorta Extra Brut and Millesimato Brut 2011 awarded with 92 points.

Respectively with 90 and 91 excellent point Franciacorta  Millesimato Rosé Extra Brut 2010 and Satèn.





The useful legend to interpret the evaluations expressed by the tasters:
95-100 points: exceptional level (absolute weltklasse)
90-94 points: excellent (ausgezeichnet)
85-89 points: good or very good quality (gute bis sehr gute Qualität)

More information on the evaluated Franciacorta, together with technical data sheets and tips for pairing are available on our website, “our wines” section.

Franciacorta wines can be satisfied, but as usual always ready to improve!