The Estates

La Montina’s Estates are located in Monticelli Brusati (BS), in the extreme north-eastern part of Franciacorta, near a large morainic amphitheatre where paved roads end and the woody Mugnina Valley begins.

An area that is naturally suited to the cultivation of vines, rich in history, beautiful landscapes, romantic echoes…

Together with the La Montina winery and the relative Wine Shop for direct sales, several elements coexist and intertwine within the Estates: the seventeenth-century Villa Baiana which hosts weddings and private/business events, Baiana Conference Centre and the first Museum of Contemporary Art in Franciacorta.

The La Montina Estates are in Franciacorta, as is Villa Baiana: the combination of hospitality and professionalism makes it a perfect location for weddings, business meetings, dinners, parties, fashion shows and the best of what the large spaces and halls can accommodate.

With its green hills and Franciacorta vineyards, for more than thirty years this place has made anyone who crosses the gate start dreaming…

La storia

The first mention of La Montina dates back to 1620, when the villa was owned by a noble family from Brescia under Benedetto Montini – an ancestor of Pope Paul VI – whose surname originated from the toponym Montina.

Since then this small town that includes the hill beyond the vineyards has been precisely called La Montina. Passed down from hand to hand over the centuries, around 1970 the estate was in a serious state of neglect and was home to a convent of Dorothean nuns, who subsequently moved to Valcamonica.

Then in 1982 three of the seven Bozza brothers, or Gian Carlo, Vittorio and Alberto, bought the property from the Dorothean nuns in Contrada Baiana, which included about 12 hectares between woods and vineyards, along with the farmhouse and convent. Their goal was to produce Franciacorta. The works in the vineyards went hand in hand with the construction of the winery, completely buried within the hillside and imperceptible from the outside, where tunnels and rooms were made for ageing the wine, the wine-making and the barrel cellar.

The first land was gradually joined by others, up to the current 72 hectares located in seven municipalities of Franciacorta. The winery was also expanded in 2008 and today, as a whole, it has a storage capacity of about 3,000,000 bottles and covers 7,450 m² underground, which guarantees the lowest possible temperature range throughout the year (around 13° – 16°): an optimal condition for the proper ageing of Franciacorta.

A family passion


Birth of”Selezione Montecolo”


Conversion of vineyards into organic


AC Milan bottle


New restyling of bottles and labels


Second 2.500 sq m expansion of winery, completly underground.


Installation of the Marmonier Vertical Press


First winery extension of 3.000 sq m.


The Bozza brithers founded La Montina and the first harvest was made.


Start od construction


Purchase of one hectare of land and of Villa Baiana. the historic home of Benedetto Montini, an ancestor of Pope Paul the VI